LxSLC Fall 22 Retreat


Make your voice heard as a Latinx/a/o leader.

The Latinx/a/o Student Leadership Council, or LxSLC, unifies Latinx/a/o Caribbean, Latin American, mixed heritage, and multicultural groups to strengthen student voices related to campus issues, empowering students by fostering an inclusive environment.

The Council provides workshops and training; has a seat at the table for campus-wide efforts and activism; and supports the growth, retention, and graduation of UConn’s Latinx/a/o students.

PRLACC really creates a sense of belonging for us at the University. We all bond over our shared ethnicity, but we all learn about each other’s cultures at the same time.

Why join LxSLC?

PRLACC arose from the struggle for civil rights and economic justice in the 1960s. It’s taken 50 years of hard work, but we are part of the multicultural fabric of UConn–and we will never stop advocating for ourselves and for you.

Join the Latinx/a/o Student Leadership Council if you want:

  • Access to academic, social, and emotional resources
  • A voice for diversity and inclusion
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • A shared mission of growth, retention, and graduation
  • Workshops on executive elections, banking, and fundraising
  • To join a tradition of achievement and pride

If you want to learn more about our program, here is our brochure.

LXSLC Coordinator Kelly
LXSLC Coordinator GG
LXSLC Coordinator Adri